ABOUT ME. Photographer in Switzerland and Europe Anna Alekseenko

Hello, my name is Anna Alekseenko, 
welcome to my website!

In our time, the camera does not matter, because often even the phone shoots better than many professional cameras. Photoshop doesn’t matter anymore because it’s easy to download apps with filters. It matters — caught moments and atmosphere on the photos.

Photographer — almost the only person who will be with you every minute of your day, so it is important to know who is he or she. And here, in addition to the professionalism and understanding the composition, vision of light; comfort in communication is very important.

I think, that only in this case the photos are “real”, with real feelings and emotions.

That’s why I will tell you a little about myself.

I’m 32 years old. I photograph weddings, families and important life events. I like to travel and often make photoshooting in other cities and countries. I’m available for photo shoots in Switzerland (go to all cities) and anywhere in the world!

I like:

— dancing and music

 — architecture

 — little dogs

 — sea and the mountains

 — fly on planes

 — learn foreign languages

 — constantly learn something new.

About the rest of the tell my photos!