Milena & Sergey (Venice, Italy)

«— Sergey, look carefully, what do you see in her eyes? We are sure that you see in them love, your happy life, delicious Lunches, dinners, a son and daughter that you have already come up with names, a beautiful house on the shore of a pond, perhaps a large dog… Are you ready to devote your entire life to it? Are you ready to make her the happiest wife in the world? If you are ready for this, say the very word that all the girls in white dresses are waiting for…

— Yes! 

— Milenochka, look into the eyes of your Sergei… In fact, it is a reliable, loyal, loyal companion. You will be happy with him always… And you know it… now your answer… 

— Yes! 

— On April 9, before our eyes, there were two more happy people. And for them, the sky suddenly became higher and the sun brighter. They fell in love in Kursk, she agreed to be his wife in St. Petersburg, and under the sky of Venice their fairy tale came true. They searched and found each other. They dreamed, and their dreams came true. They promised to believe in each other and in their love… And live happily ever after, because they are now a Family!»